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ex-clu-sive [Ik' skloo : SIV]


DEFINITION: limited to the object or objects designated, fashionable, stylish, single, unique, only. The list goes on and on......

Ankara, Lace, Aso Oke, Adire, Guinea Brocade, Kente-all symbolizing colorful artistry and deep-rooted culture, have long characterized african fashion and elegance.

Ranti Exclusive represents a fruitful and creative meeting between fashion and sophisticated, down-to-earth women who speak the language of our present times interpreting the world around them.

At the heart of every Ranti Exclusive collection, you will find unique concepts and high quality artistry. Each piece of material, cut, pinned, and sewn exclusively by our talented team in order to obtain a beautiful work of art. Ranti Exclusive is manufactured with extreme attention to style detail.

Welcome to RE!

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